Sourcing Quality

Sourcing Quality

Stringent quality control is at the heart of what we do. We believe it is the key element of successful product sourcing. Inspections are carried out at all stages of the production by a team of mechanical and chemical engineers, depending on the product. A detailed quality report is prepared pre-shipment and sent to the client for approval. Quality inspections are fully integrated into the sourcing process as per contractual agreements with our suppliers.
We are present on-site at supplier factories and our engineers closely monitor the production process. We always communicate standards and requirements in person.

We guarantee quality by accepting liability for rejected delivered goods, as per contractual obligations.

We understand the importance of quality standards and we do not blindly accept a supplier’s material specification or quality findings.

​We offer extensive payment securities, very stringent purchase order contracts and flexible credit terms.

We have a team of fully qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in sourcing for western companies.
Our clients range from sole traders to international companies. Listed below is a sample list of the products that we source. Please note that this list is not exclusive – we aim to meet all your sourcing needs regardless of product requirements.